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“I looked around for a lot of other learning Thai companies and I say that your learning materials is the best. Especially the audio files. I can listen to them anytime for my revision. Your textbook is very modern and organized for learning. If you want to learn Thai language, do enroll under Thai Style. The traditional learning materials cannot hold a candle to Thai Style. Your course is more efficient for foreigners learning Thai. Full marks for the teacher. Fantastic Thai Style!”


Rayong, Thailand

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“We don’t teach phrases. We develop fluency.”


Skilfully developed with love & care over 12 years by our Head Thai Teacher, Kruu Jiab. Our comprehensive Speak, Read & Write Thai course is the ultimate package for anyone who wants to learn Thai and understand the Thai people.

A huge amount of information has been compiled into a smart, easy to use package, covering everything from fundamentals and principles of Thai language, pronunciations, cultural information, grammar rules, structure and spelling guides.


Learning Thai Made Easy – Simply Follow The Steps…

The course is structured to ensure all your questions are answered fully, in detail! Our course is also supported by over 2000+ Thai teachers Worldwide, so you can practice & learn Thai correctly & confidently with support from trained native Thai speakers. 



  • 9 eBooks suitable for Beginner to Upper Intermediate Thai Learners
  • Understand the Principles of Thai language (part 1, 2 & 3)
  • Pronunciation & Phonetic Letter Guides – Understand how to pronounce correctly
  • 75+ hours of MP3 Audio – Listening practice to tune your ears and pronunciation
  • 30+ hours of Video – Detailed explanations provided by Kruu Jiab
  • Smart Quizzes & Flash Cards – Practice & Remember Fast!
  • Thai Teachers Worldwide – Arrange classes in person or online
  • Download more example worksheets here

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Speak Thai Course Example Materials


Speak Thai Course Study Sheets:

Thai Scripts, Transliterations/Phonetics and Example Sentences and Dialogues


Speak Thai Course Exercise Sheets:

Questions and Answers to practise your Thai after learning from the Study Sheets


Speak Thai Course Audio:

Includes Male & Female Thai Speakers

Follow the audio starting on page 48 of the PDF

Speak Thai Course Videos:

Watch Kruu Jiab’s Videos via Thai Style Youtube Channel

Speak Thai Course Quizzes:

Practise your Thai on your Student Hub Page. No need printed materials.

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“Thai style materials are high quality. They are the best I have seen online.”



Read & Write Thai Example Materials

Study & Exercise Sheets and Audio:


Smart Flash Cards:

How Does It Work?

Brainscape is a web & mobile education platform that helps you learn anything faster, using cognitive science. Using our materials and audio we have developed a series of Flash Cards to help you learn and remember the Thai alphabet.

Flashcards on Steroids

Brainscape uses an adaptive learning algorithm that we call Confidence-Based Repetition. The platform is scientifically proven to help you learn faster and remember longer.

Anytime, Anywhere

Because Brainscape stores your data in the cloud, it doesn’t matter where you study. All your progress is kept in sync across all your devices. Let Brainscape be your personal knowledge-management assistant!

Play More, Study Less

The faster you can learn, the more time you’ll have to enjoy life and apply your knowledge elsewhere. Brainscape users have reported learning up to five times faster than with traditional study methods.

“What i like about thai Style is that i have a clear direction and a path to follow. The most important and unique feature of this website is that i can keep consistensy of my studies, even if i travel, and i can choose to have a teacher online or offline, this is really what sets apart this website from the rest I think”


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“We Don’t Teach Phrases – We Develop Fluency”

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