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Speak Thai

With a solid foundation you will find it much easier to learn Thai
  • Male & Female Audio Speakers
  • Clear Explanations
  • Important Cultural Points
  • Formal & Informal (colloquial) Thai
  • Understand Thai Sentence Structure 
  • Manners & Characteristics of Thai People
  • Exercises & Practice Materials
  • Easy Access / Learn Anytime
  • Structured & Flexible Learning

How do we teach Thai?

We provide one of the most comprehensive and fully supported methods to learn Thai language. Plus full access to the worlds largest team of Thai language teachers! There are a LOT of resources available and we will be here to support you throughout your learning experience. I recommend you to check out our example materials below, and don’t forget to view our Thai Teacher Locations.



  • The Principles of Thai language (part 1, 2 & 3) – A solid foundation to learn from
  • Pronunciation & Phonetic Letters Guide – Understand how to learn effectively
  • 3 PDF Books (30 chapters + exercises)  – Each chapter builds upon the last
  • 50+ hours of MP3 Audio – Listening practice to tune your ears and pronunciation
  • 20+ hours of Video – Detailed explanations provided by Kruu Jiab
  • Quizzes that follow the books – Practice and test your progress
  • Smart Flash Cards – Remember Fast!
  • Thai Teachers – Arrange classes in person or online. Teachers available worldwide!

Example Audio – Includes Male & Female Thai Speakers

Follow the audio starting on page 48 of the PDF

Example Video

Example Quizzes

Quiz 1 (C1 S1)

Formal Greeting

Get Support – Face to Face or Online

Get access to learn with any of our 2000+ Thai teachers who are trained to teach effectively using our methods and materials. Check out our teacher profiles and locations here.

“The course has been very well laid out and simple to understand. This is definitely the best Thai course and workbooks I have used since I started learning Thai!”

Joe, UK, 2020

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Read & Write Thai

7 stages of learning materials (50+ chapters) teach all the rules & grammar to understand Thai script

Smart Flash Cards

How Does It Work?

Brainscape is a web & mobile education platform that helps you learn anything faster, using cognitive science. Using our materials and audio we have developed a series of Flash Cards to help you learn and remember the Thai alphabet.

Flashcards on Steroids

Brainscape uses an adaptive learning algorithm that we call Confidence-Based Repetition. The platform is scientifically proven to help you learn faster and remember longer.

Anytime, Anywhere

Because Brainscape stores your data in the cloud, it doesn’t matter where you study. All your progress is kept in sync across all your devices. Let Brainscape be your personal knowledge-management assistant!

Play More, Study Less

The faster you can learn, the more time you’ll have to enjoy life and apply your knowledge elsewhere. Brainscape users have reported learning up to five times faster than with traditional study methods.

“We Don’t Teach Phrases – We Develop Fluency”

Speak Thai

Develop everyday conversation skills

Read & Write

Learn to read and write Thai Script

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