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Private Thai Language Tuition at Home


3,900 Baht Registration Fee

Course Information

For 3-12 year olds who need support learning Thai

Age Appropriate Materials / 6-9 Kids Books / 5 Years Teachers Allocation & Support

Learning Aims

For Kids to Understand the basics

  • Learn Thai Scripts and Pronunciation
  • Basic vocabulary
  • Basic grammar
  • Thai Culture
Thai language classes for children

Our Kids Learn Thai program teaches children in private after school classes focusing on speaking, reading and writing skills as well as assisting with school homework tasks.

Age related learning materials are provided for extra curricular activities beyond normal schooling. Our team of native Thai teachers help your child to learn step by step in a safe and comfortable environment and we are here to support your teacher and your children throughout their learning experience.

  • 3 to 12 years old
  • Fun and intuitive learning materials
  • Native Thai teachers
  • Private tuition at your home
What do you get?

We have a huge range of learning materials available for all ages and abilities. Depending on your child’s level and aims we will ensure your teacher has the resources they need to provide effective and fun classes. Your kids will get 6-9 books suitable for the kid’s age.


Learning Materials

Learning Materials: The learning materials we provide will suit your child’s age, gender, ability and progressively build up knowledge with fun games and creativity.

A maximum of 9 books will be provided focusing on different subjects. We send the books at one time. Postage cost is free for locations in Thailand. You will be responsible for the postage cost for locations outside Thailand.

Your teacher will advise on the progress and direction so we can send further materials to suit each child as they progress.

Course Fees

How Much Does It Cost?

One-Off Registration – Lifetime Access

Kids Learn Thai Program – Registration Fee 3900 THB ($130USD) per child

Thai Language Course

  • 6-9 Kids Books to learn to read and write Thai – Selected to suit the kid’s age
  • Consonant Flash Cards – Remember Fast!
  • 5 Years Thai Teachers Allocation – Arrange flexible classes in person or online
  • Money Back Guarantee

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Tuition fees are paid directly to teachers in their local currency.

Thai Teacher MapUnlike other schools, we do not take any commission out of tuition fees. You pay freelance teachers directly. This provides you with extremely flexible and affordable classes…
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Tuition Fees

Online Classes = From 300 Baht per hour with a teacher located in Thailand

Face to Face Classes = Paid directly to teacher in local currency (see rate table below)

Private Class = (1 learner : 1 teacher) / Private Group Class = (2-4 learners : 1 teacher)

Teacher LocationPrivate ClassPrivate Group Class
Thailand (THB ฿)THB ฿ 350 Per hourTHB ฿ 500 per hour
Australia (AUD $)AUD $ 20 Per hourAUD $ 25 per hour
Canada (CAD $)CAD $ 25 Per hourCAD $ 30 per hour
New Zealand (NZD $)NZD $ 25 Per hourNZD $ 30 per hour
Singapore (SGD $)SGD $ 40 Per hourSGD $ 60 per hour
Europe (EUR €)EUR € 20 Per hourEUR € 25 per hour
United Kingdom (GBP £)GBP £ 20 Per hourGBP £ 25 per hour
China (Yuan ¥)Yuan ¥ 75 Per hourYuan ¥ 100 per hour
USA (USD $)USD $ 20 Per hourUSD $ 25 per hour
Denmark (DKK Kr.)DKK Kr. 200 Per hourDKK Kr. 300 per hour
Malaysia (RM.)RM. 60 Per hourRM. 80 per hour
Taiwan (NT $)NT $ 400 Per hourNT $ 450 per hour
Japan (YEN ¥)YEN ¥ 2000 Per hourYEN ¥ 2500 per hour
Nepal (NPR Rs)NPR Rs 1300 Per hourNPR Rs 1700 per hour
Vietnam (Dong ₫)Dong ₫ 26500 Per hourDong ₫ 37000 per hour
Russia (RUB)RUB 900 Per hourRUB 1000 per hour
South Africa (R)R 180 Per hourR 250 per hour
Online Classes (THB ฿)THB ฿ 350 Per hourTHB ฿ 500 per hour
Switzerland (CHF)CHF 15 Per hourCHF 20 per hour

A reasonable travel expense will be charge by your teacher to travel to your location. You can negotiate a reasonable travel cost directly with your allocated teacher after registration.

The cost for a teacher to travel to your location will depend on many factors, for example; distance, mode of transport, frequency of classes, duration of classes, peak travel times, etc. All these factors need to be taken into account in order to provide a reasonable travel cost for you and your teacher. As there are so many factors to consider, and every class is unique, we cannot quote this expense in advance. 

The average cost for travel during rush hour in Bangkok is between 50 – 150 THB. In London, it is reasonable for teachers to charge £5-10 due to the higher cost of public transport. All locations and teachers can vary in cost.

After you register, if you are not satisfied with the travel expense you are quoted by your allocated teacher we can help to negotiate a reasonable expense for you or change your teacher. 

Postage – Workbooks are dispatched from our Bangkok or UK offices. Domestic postage in Thailand is free. International postage outside Thailand will cost 1,200 THB per order.

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