The Speak Thai Course

The Complete Solution to Speaking Thai

Learn to Speak Thai Naturally

Lifetime Access / 3 Stages of Worksheets / 30 Chapters / 50+ Hours of Audio & Video / Quizzes / Self Study Exercises / Teachers & Support

A comprehensive course that ensures you are fully supported throughout your learning experience. You will learn both formal & colloquial forms of the language so you can Speak Thai naturally in any situation. Our team of Thai teachers are available for face to face or online classes and the materials will guide you and explain in detail how Thai language works.

  • Learn Correct Pronunciation & Tones
  • Every Day Vocabulary & Conversation
  • Different Forms Of Thai Grammar
  • Principles Of Thai Language
  • Thai Culture And Customs
  • Manners And Characteristics Of Thai People

A LOT of materials are provided; Structured worksheets are accompanied by Audio, Video, Quizzes, Self Study Exercises and other tools to help you to practice what you learn.

To speak naturally you need to fully understand what you are learning. Kruu Jiab will personally GUARANTEE our methods and answer your questions in detail to ensure you are a confident Thai speaker.

Learning Aims

Understand the basics;

  • Pronunciation
  • Basic vocabulary
  • Basic grammar
  • Principles of Thai language
  • Thai Culture
  • Manners and characteristics of Thai people
Starting Skills : Who is it for?

For learners who are committed to developing everyday conversation skills

  • Suitable for complete beginners
  • Suitable for people who already speak basic Thai and wish to develop further
  • Suitable for learners committed to developing fluency
Note : If you are committed to learning Thai and wish to develop fluency we suggest you to read more about our Speak Thai Course or Speak, Read & Write Course
Free Trial Lesson!

After registration, arrange a FREE TRIAL lesson with your allocated teacher 

A trial lesson is provided so you can meet your teacher, work out the logistics of your lessons, and your teacher will introduce you to the materials. 

  • Meet your teacher
  • Discuss lesson logistics 
  • Get off to the best start!
  • Introduction to learning 
Note : If after a trial lesson you feel your allocated teacher is not right for you, you can provide us with feedback and request a new teacher for another trial lesson (subject to availability). 

Our system ensures you get off to the best start with the right teacher. 

We suggest you pay for the teachers travel costs for the trial lesson. They provide up to one hour meet & greet, introduction for free, so covering travel costs is only fair. 

Course Duration

There is no set duration

Every learner is different and there is no ‘one size fits all’ method to learn any language. Therefore, we have no set duration to learn our courses. Learn for as long as you need at a pace to suit you.

  • Only Pay For The Time You Learn
  • Lifetime Access To Materials
  • Change Teacher/Location Anytime
  • Start / Stop / Start Anytime
  • Lifetime Support
The average learner will complete the Speak Thai Course in around 30-60 hours private tuition. This may be more or less depending on your starting skills, how you learn a language and how much you practice.
Course Outline

The Speak Thai Course

3 Workbooks / 3 stages / 30 chapters;

Speak Thai Course

Stage 1

Learning the principles of the language is very important as it helps and leads to a good understanding of Thai and can be used as a reference for what you will learn in the future.

1. The principles of Thai language (1)

2. Transliteration & pronunciation guide

3. Symbols, lesson plans and learning guide

Chapter 1: Greeting; formal greeting, informal greeting, traditional way of greeting

Chapter 2: Meeting people; how to ask ‘What’s your name?, real/official name, nickname, and how to say nice to meet you

Chapter 3: About yourself; Job/occupation, nationality, hometown, etc.

Chapter 4: Addressing people; personal pronouns used in different situations

Chapter 5 : Family

Chapter 6 : Numbers

Chapter 7 : Classifiers & Counting system

Chapter 8 : Desire & Requesting

Chapter 9 : Things – Singular / Plural (1)

Chapter 10 : Things – Singular / Plural (2)


Stage 2

During the second stage, we aim to build up a lot of vocabulary, Thai grammar and emphasize on how to construct sentences.

1. The principles of Thai language (2)

Chapter 11 : Apology & Action Words

Chapter 12 : Verb to be (is; am; are)

Chapter 13 : To Do, To Have & To Get

Chapter 14 : Question Words & Tags (1)

Chapter 15 : Tense & Time Words

Chapter 16 : Days, Weather & Time Words (2)

Chapter 17 : Days, Weather & Time Words (3)

Chapter 18 : Directions & Places

Chapter 19 : Positions, Prepositions & Conjunctions

Chapter 20 : Senses


Stage 3

You should now have enough vocabulary to hold basic conversations and a good understanding of Thai grammar. During stage 3 we aim to help you develop conversation in order to speak naturally like Thai people, build confidence and practise constructing sentences.

1. The principles of Thai language (3)

Chapter 21 : Wh-questions (1)

Chapter 22 : Wh-questions (2)

Chapter 23 : Colour & Body

Chapter 24 : Body, Feelings and Conditions

Chapter 25 : Body Language & Emotion

Chapter 26 : Expressions & Characteristics

Chapter 27 : Money & Trading

Chapter 28 : Telephone, Mail, Internet

Chapter 29 : Travelling (1)

Chapter 30 : Travelling (2)

Example Materials

Example Learning Materials

Worksheets, Practice Audio & Video

The best way for us to help you learn Thai is to ensure you have everything you need to learn effectively with our team of trained teachers.

We support you and your teacher and have developed modern learning materials that include easy to follow worksheets, audio and video; a complete solution to help you learn natural everyday Thai language.

After you register we provide lifetime access to our materials, trained teachers and support services. View, listen, watch and download structured learning materials and learn Thai at a time and location to suit you.

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What Do You Get?

There is a LOT of material provided to help you learn effectively

Learn both with your teacher and in your spare time in order to progress effectively

View Example Materials

The modern learning materials have been developed by us from scratch and include

1. Written Materials 

Easy to follow & detailed worksheets / workbooks

  • 30 structured chapters  help you to learn step-by-step with your teacher
  • Clear explanations  give you a complete overview of the Thai language
  • Learn lots of vocabulary, sentence structure and conversation skills as well as Thai culture, history and the principles of Thai language
  • Very logical and easy to follow modules will be adapted to suit every individual


2. Audio & Video Materials

High quality & great for your MP3 Player

  • Over 50 hours of practice and homework audio & video
  • Follow the written materials with practice audio and complete audio homework tasks
  • Listen online or download to your computer or MP3 Player
  • The audio helps you develop listening skills as well as remind you the pronunciation, tone(s) and meaning of every new word
  • Dialogue audio helps you listen to how Thai people speak
  • male and female Thai speaker help you to hear the difference between a feminine and masculine voice


3. Self Study Materials

To help you practise after your lessons

Written and audio self study materials are separated into 5 parts to help you practise and improve essential skills in learning a language;

  • Listening and pronunciation (Audio tasks)
  • Vocabulary and structure accuracy (Written and audio tasks)
  • Function / Grammar (Written tasks)
  • Fluency (Written tasks)
  • Principles (Written tasks)


4. Online Learning Space

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We provide lots and lots of supplemental materials that are updated and added to weekly;

  • Online Quizzes
  • Learn Thai Blog
  • Smart Flash Cards
  • Helpful Hints & Tips
  • Links and recommendations to other great learning resources


Registration Includes: 

  • Lifetime access to an online learning space
  • Access to learn with any trained Thai Style teacher
  • Support from Thai Style throughout your learning experience
  • You can change teacher / location anytime

What do our learners say?

Read our Student Testimonials

  • Understand about the main principles of Thai language ; pronunciation ; lots of vocabulary, grammar, culture, manners and characteristics of Thais
  • Students are able to understand and speak everyday conversation used in everyday life
  • Understand the rules of the Thai alphabet
  • Be able to read and write Thai correctly
Class Plan
  • Each chapter may be taught in 1 – 2 hours depending on each individual learner
  • We advise learners to attend one or two lessons per week
  • Practise after your lessons with the self study materials is the key to progressing
  • Lessons are flexible, your teacher will adapt the materials to suit you
  • Try to leave 2 or 3 days between lessons to give youself time to practice and consolidate new skills

How do we teach Thai?

  • Learn to make Thai sounds and tones to pronounce Thai words correctly
  • Use repetition to help you memorize until you can differentiate different sounds and tones
  • Practise listening until you can distinguish Thai sounds and tones
  • Build up lots of vocabulary and understand Thai language structure
  • Learn how to make formal and informal sentences
  • Practise conversation with your teacher and friends to help you speak naturally
  • When you feel ready you may choose to upgrade and continue learning stage 2 and stage 3. You can also sign up for our Read & Write Thai course to incorporate learning Thai scripts and further your understanding and fluency of Thai language
Our speak Thai course uses a new and unique system that we have developed from scratch to teach you how to speak Thai language using the English alphabet and a trained teacher. Find Teacher
Thai Script Only Edition

The Speak Thai Course materials are available in two editions

With & Without Transliteration

For beginners with an aim to learn Thai script, but reply on transliteration at the start of your learning experience, having access to both versions of the course will help you progress from transliteration as a beginner to using Thai script only in the future.

When you are able to read Thai, transliteration can be very distracting. So two versions of the course materials are important to help you progress at a pace and time to suit you.

“The materials have been great, very well laid out and now that I’m close to finishing the second work book I can see how the structure is evolving throughout the lessons. 10/10!”


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Course Fees

How Much Does It Cost?

One-Off Registration – Lifetime Access

Short Thai Course (stage 1) = 1800 Thai Baht ($60USD)

Speak Thai Course (stage 1, 2 & 3) = 3900 Thai Baht ($130USD)

Speak, Read & Write Thai Course (stage 1-10) = 5900 Thai Baht ($195USD)

Thai Language Course

  • Fully Supported – Get ALL your questions answered in detail
  • Thai Teachers – Arrange flexible classes in person or online
  • PDF Books – 6 books with clear & detailed explanations
  • MP3 Audio – Listening practice to tune your ears and pronunciation
  • Videos – Learn Thai with Kruu Jiab our head Thai teacher
  • Quizzes – Practice and test your progress
  • Smart Flash Cards – Remember Fast!
  • Money Back Guarantee – Lifetime Access & Support

Register Online for full access today!

Tuition fees are paid directly to teachers in their local currency.

Thai Teacher MapUnlike other schools, we do not take any commission out of tuition fees. You pay freelance teachers directly. This provides you with extremely flexible and affordable classes…
Find a local teacher here or check out our team of online teachers

Tuition Fees

Online Classes = From 300 Baht per hour with a teacher located in Thailand

Face to Face Classes = Paid directly to teacher in local currency (see rate table below)

Private Class = (1 learner : 1 teacher) / Private Group Class = (2-4 learners : 1 teacher)

Teacher LocationPrivate ClassPrivate Group Class
Thailand (THB ฿)THB ฿ 350 Per hourTHB ฿ 500 per hour
Australia (AUD $)AUD $ 20 Per hourAUD $ 25 per hour
Canada (CAD $)CAD $ 25 Per hourCAD $ 30 per hour
New Zealand (NZD $)NZD $ 25 Per hourNZD $ 30 per hour
Singapore (SGD $)SGD $ 40 Per hourSGD $ 60 per hour
Europe (EUR €)EUR € 18 Per hourEUR € 25 per hour
United Kingdom (GBP £)GBP £ 15 Per hourGBP £ 20 per hour
China (Yuan ¥)Yuan ¥ 75 Per hourYuan ¥ 100 per hour
USA (USD $)USD $ 20 Per hourUSD $ 25 per hour
Denmark (DKK Kr.)DKK Kr. 200 Per hourDKK Kr. 300 per hour
Malaysia (RM.)RM. 60 Per hourRM. 80 per hour
Taiwan (NT $)NT $ 400 Per hourNT $ 450 per hour
Japan (YEN ¥)YEN ¥ 2000 Per hourYEN ¥ 2500 per hour
Nepal (NPR Rs)NPR Rs 1300 Per hourNPR Rs 1700 per hour
Vietnam (Dong ₫)Dong ₫ 26500 Per hourDong ₫ 37000 per hour
Russia (RUB)RUB 900 Per hourRUB 1000 per hour
South Africa (R)R 180 Per hourR 250 per hour
Online Classes (THB ฿)THB ฿ 350 Per hourTHB ฿ 500 per hour
Switzerland (CHF)CHF 15 Per hourCHF 20 per hour

A reasonable travel expense will be charge by your teacher to travel to your location. You can negotiate a reasonable travel cost directly with your allocated teacher after registration.

The cost for a teacher to travel to your location will depend on many factors, for example; distance, mode of transport, frequency of classes, duration of classes, peak travel times, etc. All these factors need to be taken into account in order to provide a reasonable travel cost for you and your teacher. As there are so many factors to consider, and every class is unique, we cannot quote this expense in advance. 

The average cost for travel during rush hour in Bangkok is between 50 – 150 THB. In London, it is reasonable for teachers to charge £5-10 due to the higher cost of public transport. All locations and teachers can vary in cost.

After you register, if you are not satisfied with the travel expense you are quoted by your allocated teacher we can help to negotiate a reasonable expense for you or change your teacher. 

When you sign up to learn a Thai Style course you can download and print the learning materials by yourself via your Student Hub Page. If you want to save on printing costs you can purchase the workbooks (colour A4 size). Workbooks cost 600 THB each. There is 1 workbook for Short Thai course.
Postage – Workbooks are dispatched from our Bangkok office. EMS postage to addresses in Thailand is free. International postage outside Thailand will cost 1,200 THB per order.

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