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A Fully Supported Thai Language Courses

It’s easy to learn Thai when you have Structure & Clear explanations. The easy to follow lessons answer all your questions – guaranteed!

Thai is a beautiful language and when you understand how the language works, you can easily communicate with Thai people naturally. My Thai language course teaches and breaks down Thai grammar, everyday word usage, colloquial & formal Thai, culture points as well as useful tips and tricks to memorise tones & pronounce Thai sounds correctly.

The courses have been designed as self study courses.

Everything is included for you to learn to Speak, Read & Write Thai for 5,900 Baht; 9 eBooks (900+ pages), audio (100+ hours), video, online quizzes and supplement materials.

If you only wish to learn conversational Thai (speak Thai, Thai cultures, etc.) because you are not ready to learn Thai scripts or you already know how to read and write Thai scripts, then the Speak Thai course is the course for you and it’s only cost 3,900 Baht.

Do you want to learn to read and write Thai? The Read & Write Thai course for 2,900 Baht will guide you through Thai writing system grammar in a logical method for adults learning Thai as a second language.

Not sure about committing to the full course? Register for the Short Thai Course 1,800 Baht which is the Stage 1 (Chapter 1-10) of the Speak Thai course. You can upgrade to the full Speak Thai Course later.

You can speak, read and write Thai to a good level but there are gabs in your knowledge? Register for the Upper Intermediate Thai Course 6,800 Baht to get full access to all materials from Speak, Read and Write + Upper Intermediate.

If you need extra support, private lessons (online and/or face to face) are also available with any of our trained Thai teachers in locations worldwide (350 baht per hour for online lesson and face to face lesson in Thailand).

Teacher Jíab, the head teacher and the creator of the courses is here to support you if you ever have any questions about the course materials and to help you to find a teacher. If you are an advance learner and need helps on an advance level. You can request to learn online with Teacher Jíab; No Registration and Pay-As-You-Learn 500 Baht per hour.

Use Thai Style materials to learn with your Thai friends and family? Free online training program is also available for your Thai friends / family to help them to learn how to teach you Thai using our course as a base for your learning. This will help to enhance your learning experience & personalise the materials for your needs.

Register for access below and feel free to contact me if you have any questions…

Short Thai Course
1800 THB ($60USD)

Speak Thai Course
3900 THB ($130USD)

Read & Write Thai Course
2900 THB ($95USD)

Speak, Read & Write Thai Course
5900 THB ($195USD)

Upper Intermediate Thai Course
6800 THB ($230USD)


“Learn with a native Thai to think like a Thai and to speak like a Thai!”

“The materials have been incredible. I am a passionate language learner and the materials from Thai Style are among the best I’ve encountered.”

Alain, Self Study Thai, 2020


An Award Winning Thai Language Course

9 eBooks, Audio & Video (100+hrs), Smart Quizzes & Flash Cards, Exercises - Supported by 2000+ Teachers Worldwide!

This website is HUGE! Everything you need to learn Thai is included.

We have materials and teachers suitable for all Thai learners: Beginner > Intermediate > Advanced Thai

Learn to Speak Thai naturally. Learn Thai Script, grammar, rules, pronunciation, culture, family, business, everyday speaking, formal conversation, advanced writing & more!



An Award Winning Thai Language Course

9 eBooks, Audio & Video (100+hrs), Smart Quizzes & Flash Cards, Exercises - Supported by 2000+ Teachers Worldwide!

This website is HUGE! Everything you need to learn Thai is included.

We have teachers and materials suitable for all Thai learners: Beginner > Intermediate > Advanced Thai 

  • Learn to Speak Thai Naturally
  • Learn Thai Script
  • Grammar, Rules, Pronunciation
  • Culture, Family, Business
  • Everyday Speaking
  • Formal Conversation
  • Advanced Writing & More!


Learn Thai Conversation


Speak Thai Course

Intuitive materials cover all aspects of speaking Thai language; from history, culture, pronunciation and grammar.


Learn Thai Script


Read & Write Thai

Clearly explained. This linguistically complicated script is made easy to understand.



Business & Advanced Thai


Upper Intermediate Thai

Materials & support are tailored to suit you, your level & needs. Advance your Thai in the way that benefits you. 






Voted Thai Language School of the year 2019/20 by iStudy Awards





Voted Thai Language School of the year 2019/20 by iStudy Awards


Over 5000 successful Thai language learners since 2008. Highly rated as the best Thai language course available.

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"The traditional learning methods cannot hold a candle to Thai Style. Your course is more efficient for foreigners learning Thai"

Khun Apollo

Rayong, Thailand

Thai style has been brilliant, the work books are amazing and getting a teacher was very very easy! Thai Style is the best!!

Khun Joseph

Skype Learner

The Thai Style materials are comprehensive and easy to understand, bringing clarity on the appropriate use of words in different contexts


Edinburgh, UK

Thai Style is far and away the best and most effective method I have used. It leaves the other far behind.


Guildford, UK

Tools To Learn Thai Effectively

One-Off Registration fee for lifetime access to materials + a reasonable tuition fee paid directly to your teacher


Structured Worksheets

Clear Audio

Detailed Videos


Self Study Quizzes

Native Teachers

Lifetime Support – If you ever have any questions I will always be here to support you. With lifetime access to my services you can learn for as long as you need and also get access to my team of teachers for additional support when needed.

Training For Your Thai Friends – The majority of Thai people will find it very hard to teach Thai. You may have Thai friends or Thai family that want to help you learn but do not know how to answer your questions or provide feedback. I can train your Thai friends and Thai family to help them teach you Thai language. They will understand my materials and how to use them to answer your questions, provide you essential feedback on your pronunciation and ensure you learn effectively.

LOTS of Materials – There are many skills you will need to learn; speaking skills, listening skills, grammar rules, tones, cultural details, etc. etc. My materials break down every aspect of the language and provide detailed explanations that leave no questions unanswered. With different materials for teaching different skills, you will feel fully supported during your learning experience.

No Time Limits – Learn for as long as you need. We recognise how every learner is different, with different learning needs, schedules and aims. Start > Stop > Start anytime. We will always be here to support you. 

Full Access – Many of our learners start with self study or classes online before travelling to Thailand and continuing the same course with a local teacher. Getting full access to all our teachers provides you maximum flexibility.

Consistent Tuition – All our teachers are trained to teach Thai using the same methods and materials, so it’s easy to continue consistent classes with different teachers in different locations.

No Commission Tuition – Unlike other schools, tuition fees & travel expenses are paid directly to your teacher. We do not take any commission out of tuition fees so you get the best rates available.

Thai Language Course30 Day Money Back Guarantee – We work hard to provide a fair and effective system for our learners as well as security for our teachers. Therefore, within our terms and conditions it states; “within 30 days, if our system does not work out for any reason and you have not commenced ‘paid for tuition’ we offer a full money back guarantee on our registration fees”. Please read our terms & conditions for full details.