Frequently Asked Questions

How to learn Thai effectively?

Read our Frequently Asked Questions below;

Find out how to learn Thai effectively without wasting any time or money. We provide a complete solution to learn Thai fast!

How much does it cost?

To ensure you have everything you need to learn Thai effectively, we have setup the following system;

1. Course Fee:

One-off Course Fee provides lifetime access to;

1. Structured online learning materials (worksheets, audio, video, quizzes, self study exercises & more)

2. 5 Years Unlimited Teacher Allocation. Subject to availability and fair usage. 

3. Learner support services.

Read more about the Course Fee on our Options & Prices page.


2. Tuition Fee:

After a trial class with your allocated teacher, tuition fees are paid directly to your teacher in their local currency.

Unlike most other schools, we do not take any commission out of teacher tuition fees, you pay teachers directly. This system provides you more flexible and affordable classes…

Teacher LocationPrivate ClassPrivate Group Class
Thailand (THB ฿)THB ฿ 350 Per hourTHB ฿ 500 per hour
Australia (AUD $)AUD $ 20 Per hourAUD $ 25 per hour
Canada (CAD $)CAD $ 25 Per hourCAD $ 30 per hour
New Zealand (NZD $)NZD $ 25 Per hourNZD $ 30 per hour
Singapore (SGD $)SGD $ 40 Per hourSGD $ 60 per hour
Europe (EUR €)EUR € 20 Per hourEUR € 25 per hour
United Kingdom (GBP £)GBP £ 20 Per hourGBP £ 25 per hour
China (Yuan ¥)Yuan ¥ 75 Per hourYuan ¥ 100 per hour
USA (USD $)USD $ 20 Per hourUSD $ 25 per hour
Denmark (DKK Kr.)DKK Kr. 200 Per hourDKK Kr. 300 per hour
Malaysia (RM.)RM. 60 Per hourRM. 80 per hour
Taiwan (NT $)NT $ 400 Per hourNT $ 450 per hour
Japan (YEN ¥)YEN ¥ 2000 Per hourYEN ¥ 2500 per hour
Nepal (NPR Rs)NPR Rs 1300 Per hourNPR Rs 1700 per hour
Vietnam (Dong ₫)Dong ₫ 26500 Per hourDong ₫ 37000 per hour
Russia (RUB)RUB 900 Per hourRUB 1000 per hour
South Africa (R)R 180 Per hourR 250 per hour
Online Classes (THB ฿)THB ฿ 350 Per hourTHB ฿ 500 per hour
Switzerland (CHF)CHF 15 Per hourCHF 20 per hour


3. Travel Expenses:

The cost for a teacher to travel to your location will depend on many factors; distance, mode of transport, frequency and duration of lessons as well as peak travel times that need to be taken into account. You can discuss a reasonable travel expense directly with your teacher after registration.

The average cost for travel during rush hour in Bangkok is between 50 – 150 THB. In London, it is reasonable for teachers to charge £5-10 due to the higher cost of public transport. All locations and teachers can vary in cost. After registration, if you are not satisfied with the travel expense you are quoted by your allocated teacher we can help to negotiate a reasonable expense for you. Please enquire if you would like a quote for travel expenses before you register.


4. Hardcopy Workbooks (optional)

When you purchase Thai Style course you can download and print the online learning materials by yourself via your Student Hub Page. If you are unable to print your own worksheets you can choose to purchase the hard copy workbooks (colour A4 size). The workbooks are printed and bound by Thai Style in our Bangkok office. Workbooks are sold at cost price, 600+ THB each.

Postage – Workbooks are dispatched from our Thailand office. Domestic postage in Thailand is free. International postage outside Thailand will cost 1,000 THB per order.

How do I get started?

Buy Course Online. We will then send everything you need to access the online learning materials and contact your local or online teacher to arrange a trial lesson.

Buy Course

How long does it take to learn Thai?

Realistically, it’s up to you… 6 months? 6 years? Everyone is different… There is no ‘one size fits all method’ to learn any language. There are many factors involved including your starting level, effort, and how you adapt to learning new concepts. You may be a fast learner or a slow learner. We provide a very realistic method to learn Thai. With our system you get lifetime access to our services and you can learn for as long as you need. Learning a language is a life skill. Fluency is very subjective. You will never stop learning and we will be here to support you each step of the way. Start > Stop > Start anytime and continue classes when you are available.

What happens after I buy the course?
  1. After you pay for the course, we will email you a Payment Confirmation and Getting Started Email within 24 hours for the link to register your Student Hub Page.
  2. When we receive your registration, we will then send you the log in details and you can then login to access the online learning materials and prepare for your classes.
  3. If you have also purchased the workbooks, these will be dispatched to your address.
  4. Your teacher will be allocated and their contact details sent to you within 5 – 7 working days (normally much sooner). You can then contact your teacher to arrange a free trial lesson. 
  5. Continue to learn with your teacher for as long as you need and pay them directly for their hard work. We do not take a commission from your teacher’s tuition fees like other schools. They earn 100% of the fees you pay.
  6. You have 5 years teacher allocation. If you have any problems with an allocated teacher you can request access to a different teacher at any time.
Can I choose a teacher?

Sure, you can choose your preferred teacher at the time of registration but please note that teachers are subject to availability which can change daily as they take on new students. With so many teachers on our database, some teachers are obviously more experienced than others. We work very closely with our team so we’re in a great position to recommend the best teacher for you and most students are very happy with our recommendations and it saves you time trying to find the right teacher. If you do not state a preferred teacher at the time of registration or if your chosen teacher is unavailable we will allocate a recommended teacher for you. If for any reason you have a problem with an allocated teacher you can change teacher anytime.

Can I change teacher / location?

YES! You can change teacher/location anytime.

This is a great advantage of our system, giving you lifetime access to our materials, services and all our teachers. So if you have any problems with a teacher we can allocate a different teacher for you. For example, you may start learning Thai with one of our teachers in London before you move to Bangkok. You can change teacher and continue to attend consistent lessons in different locations using the same course materials. Our system helps you to continue learning consistently with minimal disruption and no extra cost or wasted time.

What if I go away or need time off from my studies?

No problem. Only pay for the time you learn. Simply arrange the schedule with your teacher.

Start > Stop > Start when you are ready.

Do I always need to pay for a teacher?

No. Of course, attending classes will help but not everyone is in a position to be able to learn with a teacher, so self study is also an option and we provide lots of self study materials to help you progress by yourself or with help from your Thai friends or family. You can register to learn the materials as a self study guide and in the future you can request a teacher if you need additional help.

Which course is right for me?

Choosing the right course for you is relatively easy depending on your level and learning aims. Use this basic guide to help you decide;

What is your current level of Thai? 

For complete beginners we suggest the following;


For people who already speak basic Thai (up to 300 words or so) we suggest the following;


For people who already speak, read & write Thai to an intermediate level we suggest the following;


For people who already speak Thai to an intermediate/advanced level but cannot Read & Write Thai script we suggest you learn our Read & Write Course

Why do I have to pay Course Fee?

To learn effectively you need much more than just a Thai teacher. This is why I have developed a complete solution to provide you access to everything you need to learn Thai and ensure our teachers have everything they need to teach you effectively. For a one-off Course Fee, you will be able to access to the followings;

  • Online learning space with access to LOTS of online materials; worksheet, audios, videos, quizzes, supplement materials
  • When you purchase the course, you are eligible to 5 years Unlimited Teacher Allocation. Subject to availability and fair usage.

After years of development, this is the most efficient way I can provide learners with all the recourses needed to be a successful learner. My system has been designed to be efficient, cost effective, fair, secure and makes sure you get off to the best start without wasting any time..

How do I pay?

Step 1: Course Fee:

  1. Purchase the course online with a debit/credit card or Apple Pay via Stripe Payment Gateway or pay via PayPal. You can also request an online invoice via email.
  2. Bank Transfer to Thai Style Language Co.,Ltd.’s Thai Bank Account: If you are in Thailand or have a Thai bank account, we can send you a company invoice for a cash payment or bank transfer which can be processed directly into our limited company bank account and the receipt will also be issued for you.
  3. Bank Transfer to Thai Style UK (Kruu Jiab)’s Bank Account: If you are in the UK or have a UK bank account, we can send you a company invoice for a cash payment or bank transfer which can be processed directly into Kruu Jiab’s bank account which will be forwarded to Thai Style Language Co.,Ltd.’s Thai Bank Account and the receipt will also be issued for you.


Step 2: Tuition Fee:

  1. Pay-As-You-Learn and pay your teacher directly. We do not take any commission from tuition fees.
  2. Face to Face classes: Cash payments can be made directly to your teacher.
  3. Online platform classes: Teachers can send you an online invoice or you can make a bank or western union transfer. This can be discussed directly with your teacher who may request a minimum of 5 hours bulk buy per transaction. The tuition rate is cash payment rate so if you pay by transfer, you are responsible for transfer fee.
Why is your private tuition so cheap?

Our system is extremely affordable compared with other schools for a number of reasons.

Our learners support and pay teachers directly. We do not take a commission out of your tuition fees and our teachers normally travel to you so we do not pay for expensive classrooms. Other Thai schools charge more for private classes because they take a commission out of your tuition fees to pay for expensive classrooms and to make a large profit. The difference? If you learn with us for 20 hours or more, at ฿350 per hour + registration, you will save money and have access to a greater choice of teachers, locations, and use modern learning materials with online self study materials that are unrivalled at any other school and with no time limits on your learning! Win Win! Our system benefits you and local teachers! After getting started, our learners agree our services are excellent value for money and provide much more flexibility than normal language schools.

How many classes should I attend per week?

We recommend you attend one or two hours tuition every week, however, you can increase or decrease the learning time to suit your schedule and needs. Make up your own schedule and arrange lessons directly with your teacher at a time to suit you both. Don’t lose out if you take a break from learning or go away on holiday. Start > Stop > Start anytime. Practice is the key to progressing so we recommend you make some time to practise after your lessons. Just 15 minutes per day will help you to learn much faster.

How much are the travel costs?

We do not have set travel cost as it can depend on many factors, including; distance, mode of transport, rush hour and frequency of classes etc. Therefore, you can discuss a reasonable and fair travel expense directly with your teacher after registration. As a guide, an evening class in Bangkok where the teacher is required to travel 3-5 stops on the BTS and take a motorbike taxi, may cost 100-120THB for the round trip.

Can I meet a teacher before I buy the course?

For many reasons we do not give out teacher’s personal contact information until after you register. We provide much more than just a teacher and want to ensure you have everything you need to learn together effectively as well as providing security for our teachers. Therefore, you need to register first before you can meet a teacher for the following reasons; – Our team of freelance teachers normally travel to teach at your home or office. Many of our teachers are young females and they are obviously concerned about their safety. Our registration system provides our team of teachers with a certain amount of security knowing you have registered with us and you are serious about learning Thai language. – Registration ensures we can get you off to the best start and provides you with access to all the learning materials that you will use during a trial lesson and throughout your learning experience. Therefore, after you register, you can meet your teacher for a free trial lesson and better judge the course materials, tuition and services and how they will benefit and help you to learn Thai. – We aim to provide an affordable and efficient system to learn Thai and easy access our services and teachers. – Lastly, we want to ensure your teacher is trained and ready for your class before you meet them.

Can I ask a question before buying the course?

Sure, we are here to help. Please use the contact form here to ask a question. We will answer as soon as possible.

Can I visit your office?

We are an online company like Amazon or Google. We do not have a typical school or classroom you can visit as our teachers travel to you or you travel to them. Our office locations are used for boring accounting, printing, storage and tea drinking. It’s better for us to visit you 🙂

Can I call you? What is your phone number?

Please request a call back and we will call you. As I support teachers in many locations and in many countries, I regularly travel and work remotely to support my clients and team in different locations. Therefore, it is better for me to call you to save you international calling rates.

Can I use my own learning materials?

Yes but you still need to register and we advise you to use our materials as your main method to learn Thai. We have trained your teacher to use our materials and therefore cannot support you using materials we do not know. The tuition fees advertised are based on you using our materials as teachers can easily prepare for classes using materials they are trained to use and are familiar with. If they use materials they are not familiar with they will need to spend more time preparing for classes and we wouldn’t be able to support you as effectively. All our teachers use the same materials so you can attend consistent classes with different teachers in different locations. If you use your own materials and need to change teacher in the future it will be difficult to attend consistent classes if the new teacher is not familiar with the course. Our materials are complete and we can therefore ensure you have a solid foundation and progress effectively. Other materials may not be as complete, explain as clearly or provide all the resources you need to learn effectively.

However, any extra materials you have you can use for supplement learning. The more materials and explanations you have the better you can adapt your learning. 

Are teachers qualified?

Yes and No. We have a huge team of teachers who come from many different backgrounds. Some are qualified and others are not, but all teachers have been vetted by us and trained to teach using our materials and methods. Our teachers have language skills, they are university educated and most have experience travelling or living abroad. We provide informal education and mainly teach Thai for beginners. Therefore a degree in education is not a requirement for our teachers, but instead, language skills, experience, reliability and motivation are more valuable traits that we assess in teacher applications.

Do you run mixed group classes?

We only provide private classes and private group classes

– Private classes are the most effective way to learn Thai. In a group class the pace usually goes with the faster learners, leaving slow learners behind. Private classes go at your pace.

– Mixed group classes do not usually provide the personal one on one feedback a beginner needs to fine tune their pronunciation and tones.

– Mixed group classes are not flexible. If you are unable to attend a class you will lose out on that time.

– Private classes are very flexible. Only pay for the time you learn and if you need to take some time off you do not lose out.

– Private classes can be arranged at a time and location to suit you.

Can I start with one course and upgrade later?

Yes, it does cost slightly more to upgrade as we provide a discounted rate when you register to learn the full course from the start. If you know you will be learning Thai for the long term we recommend you register for the full course from the start. 

What if I am not happy with my teacher?

Not happy? No problem! In most cases we can easily get you setup with a different teacher. Just let us know why you are not happy and we will use your feedback to allocate another more appropriate teacher. Or within 30 days, as long as you have not started paid for tuition or requested access to more materials, we can provide a full money back guarantee, so you have nothing to lose.

What if I am not happy with the materials?

Not happy? No problem! We understand that everybody is different and what may suit one person may not suit another. We have developed our materials to suit as many different types of learners as possible and the majority of our learners feel our materials are excellent, however, if within 30 days, as long as you have not started paid for tuition or requested access to more materials, we can provide a full money back guarantee, so you have nothing to lose.

What is your refund policy?

We work very hard to provide a fair and effective system for our learners as well as security for our freelance teachers. Therefore, within our terms and conditions it states; within 30 days, if our system does not work out for any reason and you have not commenced paid for tuition, requested access to more materials or started learning the materials by yourself, we offer a money back guarantee on our registration fees. Please read our terms and conditions for full details.

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