An allured “Get Rich Quick Scheme”


There’s a Thai idiom saying “The poor buy the lottery, but the rich buy the stocks”. This can be implied as if you want to obtain big money with shady investment; you should take a chance with the lottery. Nonetheless, to win a lottery, no matter how small or big the prize, it’s firmly believed by those gamblers that it’s related to ones’ fortune.


As Thai lottery results have various kinds from the first prize to the fifth prize, but the most popular prize which most of gamblers expect to win is “a special prize” including the last two digit and last three digit prize. The reward may be not so much to make you become a millionaire; however, to win the lottery is believed you are lucky or it’s a fortune due to your good deeds or fate. Especially when it’s a fate bringing money.


Because to win lottery is an easy “Get Rich Quick Scheme”, gamblers need to find the ways to search for lucky numbers. It’s about the luck, therefore most of the desirable discoveries relate to some superstitious beliefs of Thai people. We can say they are events or objects that seem to be clues leading to lucky numbers. There are several ways to obtain them which might sound a bit bizarre to those who are not familiar with these strong beliefs in Thai superstitions.


First is dreaming. Everybody dreams. Dreams can take us to another world beyond reality. And it occurs from your subconscious. It’s a mental process that happens when you are not aware.  Those objects, places and persons you dream of might be a good source for probable numbers to win the lottery. There are meanings of those things related to dreams, for example, a snake can be implied as the number 8 since the shape of snake is long and can look like a twisted eight, man can be implied as 2 because he has two legs, a rat can be implied as 4 since it has four legs. However, there are numerous formulas created by different dreams and numbers for a GURU to predict the lucky numbers. Sometimes, it might be your own intuition or accidental discovery. There are lots of number predictions distributed in book stores or found on the internet.


Secondly is asking from monks or spirit doctors. The superstitious beliefs absolutely bound with the way of Thai’s life before technology and science were civilised. When people encounter any problems, no matter physical or mental, monks or spirit doctors seem to be the consultant to cure those illnesses. Therefore, it is assumed that it’s a mystery or something beyond nature so they might also be able to forecast the future, including the lottery number results. Nowadays, some lottery gamblers still have a strong belief in begging for numbers from monks and spirit doctors.


Thirdly is asking from revered figures such as Deva, Deity, Gods, Goddess because most of them are believed to bring luck for those who give worship. These also include sacred things such as shrines, guardian spirits and people in family who have passed away as people believe their spirits still protect them even if they are invisible. Some tips for this trick is to pay homage with offerings or take a vow to get lucky numbers but don’t forget to redeem the vow after you win the lottery according to what you promise to those sacred persons. Moreover, some big and longevity trees, which are believed to be a place where spiritual guardians or ghosts live, are also worshipped. Sometimes people put powder on the tree and scrub it off to discover lucky numbers hidden within. You can notice three-coloured fabric tied up around those trees, it means they are sacred trees such as the Bodhi tree.


Fourth is implying from unexplained phenomena or any peculiar events such as oddity of humans, animals and things. For instance, two-headed new born pig, albino snake, abnormal trees, etc. Since these anomalous incidents rarely happen, once they do, they intrigue people. They are hypothesised that there might be something covert by something supernatural. Abnormality might bring good luck; we should get lucky numbers, if we have a good assumption. The tip that lottery gamblers have continuously implemented from the past until now is to worship those mysterious things. To see a more obvious picture they might use some other methods, for example, rubbing a tortoise’s shell to search for hidden numbers somewhere in the bumps and grooves.


Last but not least is the very classic and easiest clue. It is to intuit from any numbers from objects surrounding you. They might be digits from your vehicle license numbers or celebrities’, address numbers, telephone numbers, birthdays, death’s day, ages, numbers of pet’s babies, etc. Especially, in Thailand many lottery gamblers won the lottery by implying from Prime Minister’s vehicle’s license number.


To get lucky numbers depends on your convenience and which methods you like. But don’t forget it’s still gambling, it may not  be destructive if you can control yourself and not be too preoccupied to forget your health and beloved persons. Now, pick one of the lottery tickets based on one of the guidelines. You may turn into a millionaire!!


Written By Kruu Susie