Our most popular course is getting an update

My Speak Thai Course has received great feedback from learners. However, as an author, I always see something that I can improve to help  learners to learn Thai more effectively and have a better experience. I’m currently on a project updating my Speak Thai Course (Edition 2) and all our current students will have access to the new materials. As well as viewing the PDF worksheets below you can also view some audio and video self study materials here.

Here are some examples;


I. Preface

  • Course Information
  • About The Author
  • How To Learn Thai Effectively
  • Learning Factors

Document 1 : VIEW PDF



II. The Principles of Thai Language (part 1)

Understand the principles of Thai language and how Thai is different from English.

Document 2 : VIEW PDF



III. Transliteration & Pronunciation Guide

Before you learn Thai you should learn and understand Thai sounds. Did you know there are sounds in Thai language that we do not make in English? In this section learn about our transliteration system and Thai pronunciation.

Use the audio links below and follow with worksheet 2 in order to learn and practice Thai pronunciation.

Document 3 : VIEW PDF



If you have any constructive feedback, please let me know.