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Mûea~Waan~Née Mòrk~Tá-lay Lo’ng

Duu Bpai~Láew Gôr’ Sûay Bpai Èek Bàeb


yesterday + mist/fog/fret + to go/come down

watch/look + to go to (future) + already (completion) + as a result + be beautiful + to go to (future) + another/more + style/form/pattern/way


Yesterday, the sea fog came down.

Seeing it (from now towards future), consequently, it (is) beautiful (from now towards future) in another way.


Yesterday, there was sea fog.

It is a beautiful sight when seeing it.



เมื่อวานนี้ : Mûea~Waan~Née = [compound noun / time word] yesterday

(เมื่อ : Mûea = when, the time (when used in a time compound word, it indicates ‘the time that recently past’), วาน : Waan = [noun] day(s) in the past, นี้ : Née = [modifier / adjective] this/these)

หมอก : Mòrk = [noun] mist, fog, fret

ทะเล : Tá-lay = [noun] sea

หมอกทะเล : Mòrk~Tá-lay = [noun] sea fret

ลง : Lo’ng =

[verb] to go/come down, to descend, to land (airplane), to ebb (tide or level of sea on the shore)

[verb] to get off, to dismount

[verb] be decreased, be reduced

[verb] to put down (name/registration)

[verb] to publish (article)

[verb] to plant, to grow

[modifier / adjective] down, downward

ดู : Duu = [verb] to watch, to look, to observe, to view, to examine [verb] to check, to try (examine)

 ไป : Bpai =

[verb] to go, to leave, to depart

[direction preposition] ..(verb/verb phrase).. to (away from current place or the place)  ..(place)..

e.g. เขาเดินไปบ้าน : Kăo Dern Bpai Bâan = He/She walks to (go) home.

[tense word] ..(verb/statement).. to go to (future), time travels toward the future

e.g. เขาต้องกินยาไปอีกสองวัน : Kăo Dtôrng Gin Yaa Bpai Èek Sŏrng Wun = He/She must consume medication (for) another two future days.

แล้ว : Láew = [tense word] ..(verb/statement).. already (completion of event, action, feeling, status, etc.)

[tense word] ..(statement).. then/and then ..(statement).., Then/And then ..(statement)..

ไปแล้ว : Bpai~Láew = [compound tense word]  ..(verb/statement).. that the time travels toward the future and completed

ก็ : Gôr’ = [conjunction] as a result, subsequently [modifier / adverb] also, likewise

สวย : Sûay = [modifier / adjective] be beautiful

อีก : Èek = [number modifier] another [modifier / adverb] more, again

แบบ : Bàeb = [noun] style, form, pattern, way [noun] mould/mold


By Kruu Jíab