Relationship : Thai Proverb


Dòrk~Fáa Gùb Măa Wùd

flower bloom~sky (young lady from a rich and powerful family/high-class/ranking woman) + with + dog/hound/canine + temple

= Flower in the sky with temple dog

= High-class lady with temple dog

= Rich girl, Poor boy


Thai life: In the old time, Thai society was divided into classes; the royal family, government workers, merchants, farmers and slaves. Thai society has been slowly changed and it is still distinctive of rich and the poor. When a poor man falls in love with a young lady of a rich and powerful family, it was not suitable and an impossible relationship. Nowadays it still seems to be a difficult relationship for some.



Example sentence:

ผมเป็นผู้ชายจนๆ คนหนึ่งที่แอบรักสาวสวยรวยยิ่ง

Pŏ’m Bpe’n Pûu~Chaai Jo’n~Jo’n Ko’n~Nùeng Têe Àeb Rúk Săaw Sŭai Ruai Yîng

I (male) + be ; is/am/are (status) + man + poor/very poor + person~one + that (relative pronoun) + to hide/conceal + to love + young lady + be beautiful + be rich + greatly/extremely

= I am a very poor man who is secretly in love with a extremely rich and beautiful young lady.



Mun Bprèab~Mŭean Dòrk~Fáa Gùb Măa Wùd

It + be comparable to + high-class woman + with + dog + temple

= It is comparable to a high-class lady and a temple dog.



Note: Thai modifiers = English adverb or adjective

ผม : Pŏ’m = [polite personal pronoun] I/me/my/mine (used by male in formal situation) [noun] head hair

เป็น : Bpe’n = [verb] be, is/am/are (status) [ability modifier] know how to

ผู้ชาย : Pûu~Chaai = [people noun] man [gender noun] male

จน : Jo’n = [modifier/adjective] be poor, be impoverished [preposition] until, till

จนๆ : Jo’n~Jo’n = [modifier/adjective] be very poor

(Grammar Note: Repeating modifiers are used to exaggerate or emphasise the quality of the modifier)

คน : Ko’n = [people noun] human, person, people [classifier] unit word for human being

หนึ่ง : Nùeng = [number/quantity noun] one

คนหนึ่ง : Ko’n~Nùeng = [people noun] a person / one person

ที่ : Têe  = [relative pronoun] … that/which … [noun] ordinal number [noun] land [noun] space [noun] place [noun] object to … [classifier] unit word for place, space and seat [preposition] at, in, to

แอบ : Àeb = [verb] hide; conceal; go into hiding

รัก : Rúk = [verb] to love

แอบรัก : Àeb~Rúk = [verb] to be secretly in love

สาว : Săaw = [modifier/adjective] be young (women) [people noun] young lady, adolescent female [gender noun used with family word] female

สวย : Sŭai = [modifier/adjective] be beautiful

รวย : Ruai = [modifier/adjective] be rich

ยิ่ง : Yîng = [modifier/adverb] extremely, at the very most

มัน : Mun = [personal pronoun] it/they (things/animals) [noun] fat, grease [modifier] be oily

เปรียบ : Bprèab = [verb] to compare

เหมือน : Mŭean = [conjunction] same to…

เปรียบเหมือน : Bprèab~Mŭean = [verb] be comparable to

ดอก : Dòrk = [noun] flower bud, bloom

ฟ้า : Fáa = [noun] sky [noun] sky blue

ดอกฟ้า : Dòrk~Fáa = [noun] young lady from a rich and powerful family/high-class/ranking woman

กับ : Gùb = [conjunction] with

หมา : Măa = [animal noun] dog, hound, canine

วัด : Wùd = [place noun] temple


By Kruu Jíab : ครูเจี๊ยบ