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Important Notice About Covid19 - During this difficult time caused by the coronavirus, many teachers are left without work and many Thai learners are left without an income. We want to help you learn Thai, so we have reduced our rates to support Thai learners and Thai teachers worldwide. 

You can now get LIFETIME ACCESS to ALL MATERIALS for just 2500 THB! (Normally 10,700 Baht). After registration, arrange online classes and learn Thai at any time to suit you for just 300 THB per hour! NO LIMITS! Face to face classes are also available in select teacher locations.


Every good Thai teacher needs tools to help them teach. The better the tools, the more effective your learning experience. 

Our trained teachers will personalise your classes using our materials as a base for a solid foundation & structure to your learning.

Arrange regular classes, learn by yourself, or just book in a teacher when needed. It's very flexible & fully supported!

TIP - Before you decide how to learn Thai, check the learning materials provided by other websites & schools. Compare them to our example learning materials. 


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“Superb! I have wasted money on other Thai language methods and Thai Style stands head and shoulders above the rest” 

Richard, Bangkok, 2018

Tuition Fees – Learn Thai – Pay-As-You-Learn

After you register and get access to the learning materials, tuition fees are paid directly to teachers in their local currency. You can pay-as-you learn, class by class, for as many hours as you need. No limits!
At Thai Style, you pay teachers directly. We do not take any commission out of tuition fees, unlike other schools who pay teachers very low wages. Our system provides you with extremely flexible and affordable classes, and you can easily change teacher anytime. Our system is win win for both you and your teachers!
Private Class = (1 learner : 1 teacher)  /  Private Group Class = (2-4 learners : 1 teacher)
Teacher LocationPrivate ClassPrivate Group Class
Thailand (THB ฿)THB ฿ 350 Per hourTHB ฿ 500 per hour
Australia (AUD $)AUD $ 25 Per hourAUD $ 30 per hour
Canada (CAD $)CAD $ 25 Per hourCAD $ 30 per hour
New Zealand (NZD $)NZD $ 25 Per hourNZD $ 30 per hour
Singapore (SGD $)SGD $ 40 Per hourSGD $ 60 per hour
Europe (EUR €)EUR € 22.5 Per hourEUR € 30 per hour
United Kingdom (GBP £)GBP £ 17.5 Per hourGBP £ 25 per hour
China (Yuan ¥)Yuan ¥ 75 Per hourYuan ¥ 100 per hour
USA (USD $)USD $ 25 Per hourUSD $ 30 per hour
Denmark (DKK Kr.)DKK Kr. 200 Per hourDKK Kr. 300 per hour
Malaysia (RM.)RM. 60 Per hourRM. 80 per hour
Taiwan (NT $)NT $ 400 Per hourNT $ 450 per hour
Japan (YEN ¥)YEN ¥ 2000 Per hourYEN ¥ 2500 per hour
Nepal (NPR Rs)NPR Rs 1300 Per hourNPR Rs 1700 per hour
Vietnam (Dong ₫)Dong ₫ 26500 Per hourDong ₫ 37000 per hour
Russia (RUB)RUB 900 Per hourRUB 1000 per hour
South Africa (R)R 180 Per hourR 250 per hour
Online Classes (THB ฿)THB ฿ 300 Per hourTHB ฿ 450 per hour

Thai Teacher Locations

Learn Thai With ALL Teachers, ALL Locations, ALL Schedules…

Free Trial Class - After you register you can meet your teacher for a free trial class to work out the logistics and make sure you are a good match.

Lifetime Support - If you ever have any issues with your teacher we will always be here to support you. With lifetime access to our services you can change teacher / location anytime.

Pay-As-You-Learn - Attend classes anytime and there is no long term commitment. If you are busy and need to re-arrange, no problem! Flexible schedules can be arranged with your teacher on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. 

LOTS of Materials - There are many skills you will need to learn; speaking skills, listening skills, grammar rules, tones, cultural details, etc. etc. My materials break down every aspect of the language and provide detailed explanations that leave no questions unanswered. With different materials for teaching different skills, you will feel fully supported during your learning experience.

No Commission Tuition - Unlike other schools, tuition fees & travel expenses are paid directly to your teacher. We do not take any commission out of tuition fees so you get the best rates available.

No Time Limits - Learn for as long as you need. We recognise how every learner is different, with different learning needs, schedules and aims. Start > Stop > Start classes anytime. We will always be here to support you. 

Full Access - Many of our learners start classes locally before travelling to Thailand and continuing with a different local teacher. Getting full access to all our teachers provides you maximum flexibility.

Consistent Tuition - All our teachers are trained to teach Thai using the same methods and materials, so it's easy to continue consistent classes with different teachers in different locations.

Thai Language Course30 Day Money Back Guarantee - We work hard to provide a fair and effective system for our learners as well as security for our teachers. Therefore, within our terms and conditions it states; "within 30 days, if our system does not work out for any reason and you have not commenced 'paid for tuition' we offer a full money back guarantee on our registration fees". Please read our terms & conditions for full details.

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