How do you like your Thai noodle soup?

In this short Thai street food video, Mark goes over the basics of how to eat and dress your bowl of Thai soup noodles.

Soup noodles, which there are many different version to choose from in Thailand, are one of the most common and easy to eat street food dishes. All over the country and everywhere you look in Bangkok you’ll notice vendors dunking batches of rice noodles in boiling water and flopping them into a bowl. A few sprigs of water morning glory, some bean sprouts, and water meat or other special ingredients are included in the order are combined before piping hot soup is added. The bowl of noodles I order here was full of meat balls and fish balls.

For Thai noodles the most common table top ingredients include vinegar, crushed peanuts, chili flakes, fish sauce, and yes, sugar. I normally add a few scoops of vinegar, a few spoons of dry chili flakes, and a dash of fish sauce. However, unlike many local Thais, I don’t ever add any sugar to my noodles. In my opinion, they are already way sweet enough and don’t need any extra sweetening. A dash of fish sauce completes a bowl of Thai noodles.

So there you have a quick overview video about how to eat a bowl of Thai noodles!

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