In Thailand, there is not just full of beautiful smiles, temples and nice beaches, there are also thousands of delicious Thai dishes you can find from all four corners of the country.

Sometimes you will see Thai people sitting together, eating with laughter, smiling and sharing food like they have a small party. Why is that?


Sharing food is a Thai traditional style of eating.

Most Thai people like “sharing meals” and eat together with family members or friends. You will rarely see Thai people eating alone because eating is sociable in Thailand.



So how do you eat like a Thai?

FOOD!The host or the eldest person at the table may order all dishes for everyone, however if you want something in particular you can ask them to order too.

Thai poeple like to order many dishes and place them in the middle of the table like they are going to have a small party. All members sit around with a dish of rice and start eating by sharing food.

Serving spoons are placed in each dish. Each person reaches over and spoons out whatever he/she wants, sets it on their plate and eats it with rice. Eating becomes a joyful ceremony.

Thai people will not leave food unfinished on their plates, unless it’s not edible. The plate should be clean, especially rice in order to show the respect to the rice farmer. Thais believe that wasting food brings bad luck.

When the bill comes, It would be the host, the eldest or the one with the most status who would pay for the meal. However, recently Thai people like to share the bill equally.


Eating in a Thai family?

A large pot of steamed rice will be prepared and the other various dishes placed on the table for people to share.

Each person starts with a plate of rice. The more people there are, the greater the variety of dishes.

The eldest or most respected people at the table usually start the meal. There is no particular order in which the dishes are served, including the soup.

Each person on the table starts eating bit by bit. A large portion is never taken because it is a bad manners to do so.

Serving spoons are not often used among family members, but sometimes may be placed among friends. After you are full just simply stop and wait for the other members.

The manners for eating with Thai people are very simply, just try not to leave any food, don’t serve yourself a large portion or put too much food onto your plate. Enjoy eating and sharing with others at the table and gradually eat until you are full.

Do all the things as Thais do then you will love it!


Written By Kruu Noi