Relationship : Thai Proverb


Kâaw MàiBplaa Mun

rice + new, fish + fat/oil/grease/tallow

= The rice is fresh and the fish is fat.

= The honeymoon stage at the beginning of married life, living together or just get into a new relationship (lovers, friends, partners, buddies)


Thai life: Newly harvested rice is much tastier than the rice that was harvested last season and fatty fish are believed to be very tasty. The rice harvest season, after the rainy season around December or January, is the same time when the fish are also very fat. Furthermore, this season is also very lush, with greens and many flowers. Everything is just right!



Example sentence:

ความรักยังหวานชื่น อะไรๆ ก็ดีไปหมด เพราะเป็นช่วงข้าวใหม่ปลามัน

Kwaam+Rùk Yung Wăan~Chûeen. À-rai~À-rai Gôr Dee Bpai~Mò’d Pró’ Bpe’n Chûang Kâaw Mài Bplaa Mun

love + still + luscious. thing~thing + also, as a result + be good + entire (thing) + because + be, is/am/are (status) + period + rice + new + fish + oil/grease/tallow

= Love (is) still luscious. Everything is all good because (it) is the honeymoon stage.



Note: Thai modifier = English adverb or adjective

ความรัก : Kwaam+Rùk = [noun] love

(ความ : Kwaam = [prefix used in front of a verb or a modifier to change the function of the word to a noun, รัก : Rùk = [verb] to love)

ยัง : Yung = [tense word] still, yet (used in front of a verb or a modifier)

หวานชื่น : Wăan~Chûeen = [situation modifier] be luscious

(หวาน : Wăan = [taste modifier] be sweet, ชื่น : Chûeen = [verb] be joyful, (heart) be buoyant [feeling modifier] pleasantly)

อะไรๆ : À-rai~À-rai = [noun] everything, anything, things

(อะไร : À-rai = [noun] thing, things, something, matter [question word] what? [relative pronoun] what, that)

ก็ : Gôr = [conjunction] as a result, subsequently (used in front of a verb in a support sentence) [modifier] also (used in front of a verb)

ดี : Dee = [quality modifier] be good, be nice

ไปหมด : Bpai~Mò’d = [quantity modifier] entire (thing), all (of the thing) (used after a modifier)

(ไป: Bpai = [direction verb] to go, to depart [direction modifier] to (from current location to another) [time modifier] to (future), หมด : Mò’d = [quantity modifier] entire (thing), all (of the thing) (used after a noun), (thing) has run out.)

เพราะ(ว่า) : Pró’~(Wâa) = [conjunction] because

เป็น : Bpe’n = [verb] be, is/am/are (used to indicate status)

ช่วง : Chûang = [noun] (time) period, stage

ข้าว : Kâaw = [noun] rice (In some context, it can be used to indicate ‘food’ in general)

ใหม่ : Mài = [quality modifier] new

ปลา : Bplaa = [noun] fish

มัน : Mun = [noun] fat, grease, tallow [texture modifier] be oily [personal pronoun] it, they, them (thing)


By Kruu Jíab : ครูเจี๊ยบ