Learn Thai Jokes!

As a Thai living in the UK for many years, I love British humour and I think it is very similar in some ways to Thai humour. It didn’t take me long to get British humour and I can blend in really easily. There is nothing worse than when native speakers make jokes, everyone laughs but you are the only one sitting there with a blank face!!

When learning a language, it is a good idea to understand the humour as they reflect the way that language works and the attitude and personality of the native speakers.

คนไทยชอบสนุกและพูดตลก : Ko’n Thai Chôrb Sà-nòok Láe’ Pûud Dtà-lô’k = Thais love being fun, anything fun and speak funny. 

I recommend to learn some Thai humour from these guys. http://www.farangland.net

I respect them very much being foreigners who understand Thai humour very well. Their videos make me laugh so much!!

Their videos are suitable for intermediate to advance learners and may contain strong language (but that is normal in Thai jokes); slap stick, word play, randomness, irony, friendly bullying and harsh sarcasm, stereotyping, surreal and chaotic, humour in everyday life with pranks and practical jokes, etc. Love it!

They use informal/colloquial Thai which is very helpful in learning the speech forms that you may not get from the average Thai language books/CDs (Such as particles that you generally need context to understand the feeling and mood)

Good luck learning Thai humour and don’t be afraid to try it out for yourself!!