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Kruu Dé_d (Rúu~Sùek) Puum~Jai Nai Dtua~E_ng Láe’ Nai Dtua~Núk+Rean


Proper pronunciation

Proper & fast pronunciation

Informal & fast pronunciation


= teacher + ..(name).. + to feel + be proud + in + oneself + and + in + body/figure/physique~student [student her/himself]

= Teacher Ded feels proud with himself and his student.

= Teacher Ded is proud with himself and his student.


Grammar point:

When indicating feeling, you should use the word ‘ รู้สึก : Rúu~Sùek = to feel’ following by the description. However, when the description word is a feeling word itself you don’t need to use the word ‘รู้สึก : Rúu~Sùek = to feel’.



ครูแด๊ดรู้สึกภูมิใจ : Kruu Dé_d (Rúu~Sùek) Puum~Jai = Teacher Ded feels proud.

ครูแด๊ดภูมิใจ : Kruu Dé_d Puum~Jai = Teacher Ded is proud.

ครูแด๊ดรู้สึกดี : Kruu Dé_d Rúu~Sùek Dee = Teacher Ded feels good.

ดี : Dee means [quality modifier] be good / be nice’ which is not a feeling word therefore when you are not using the word ‘รู้สึก : Rúu~Sùek = to feel’ before the word ‘ดี : Dee’, without context the sentence ‘ ครูแด๊ดดี : Kruu Dé’d Dee’ would be interpreted as ‘Teacher Ded is good/nice



ครู : Kruu = [occupation noun] teacher

รู้สึก : Rúu~Sùek = [feeling verb] to feel, to sense

ภูมิใจ : Puum~Jai = [feeling verb] be proud

ใน : Nai = [position preposition] in

ตัว : Dtua =

– [noun] body, figure, physique, form, frame, shape, build

– [classifier/unit word] numerative noun for animals and things

เอง : E_ng =

– [capability modifier] by oneself, without company, on one’s tod

– [quantity modifier] only; solely; entirely; exclusively

ตัวเอง : Dtua~E_ng = [noun] oneself, ourselves

และ : Láe’ = [conjunction] and

นัก : Núk+…(action/noun)… = [prefix] a person who …(action/noun)… as an occupation/profession/post/position/career or just love doing it!

นัก : Núk = [quantity modifier] extremely, very, greatly, excessively, intensely, utterly

เรียน : Rean =

– [verb] to learn, to study

– [verb] to inform, to report

– [verb] salutation of a letter as a conventional greeting

นักเรียน : Núk+Rean = [profession noun] student, learner, pupil

นักกิน : Núk+Gin = [profession noun] epicure, gastronome, gourmand, glutton (กิน : Gin = [verb] to eat)

นักบัญชี : Núk+Bun-chee = [profession noun] accountant  (บัญชี : Bun-chee = [noun] account)

ตัวนักเรียน : Dtua~Núk+Rean = [noun] student’s physical (and maybe including soul)

ตัวผม : Dtua~Pŏ’m = [noun] my (as a male) physical (and maybe including soul)

ตัวฉัน : Dtua~Chŭn = [noun] my (as a female) physical (and maybe including soul)

ตัวเขา : Dtua~Kăo = [noun] his physical (and maybe including soul)

(ตัว)ผมเอง : (Dtua)~Pŏ’m~E_ng = [noun] I, myself (as a male) (physically and maybe including soul)

(ตัว)ฉันเอง : (Dtua)~Chŭn~E_ng = [noun] I, myself (as a female) (physically and maybe including soul)

(ตัว)เขาเอง : (Dtua)~Kăo~E_ng = [noun] he, himself / she, herself (physically and maybe including soul)


By ครูเจี๊ยบ : Kruu Jíab