The 16th of January is Teacher’s Day ( วันครู : Wun~Kruu) in Thailand.

The purpose of Teacher’s Day is that we are reminded of the grace of our teachers who have taught us, our childhood school teachers or anyone we regard as our teacher. We acknowledge that teachers are very important in our society. The people who devote their life to teaching others with their knowledge and experience, not only academically but also morally.

ครู : Kruu is derived from the Sanskrit and Pali word ‘Guru’.

ครู : Kruu means teacher, instructor, educator, tutor, preceptor, coach, trainer, lecturer, professor, mentor, guru. Anyone who passes on their knowledge to others.


Note: อาจารย์ : Aa-jaan is another word Thai people use to call teachers. ‘อาจารย์ : Aa-jaan has a more specific meaning than ‘ครู : Kruu’; อาจารย์ : Aa-jaan means ‘master’ a skilled practitioner of a particular art or activity which may or may not pass on his/her knowledge to others’.


In Thai society, showing appreciation and saying thank you to people who are good to us is important. Therefore, on Teacher’s Day, schools all over Thailand would run a ceremony for the school students to pay respect to their teachers. Offering ‘ พานดอกไม้ : Paan Dòrk~Mái = tray decorated with flowers’ or ‘ พวงมาลัย : Puang~Maa-lai = flower garland’ to their teacher.


Even though I am not in school now but I still learn new things everyday from people around me and joining classes for all sorts of activities. I’ve tried my best to not take any lessons in my life for granted and appreciate everyone who has come into my life so today I remind myself to be grateful to them and say ‘ ขอบคุณ : Kòrb~Koon = Thank’ to all of my teachers.


ขอบคุณจากใจค่ะ : Kòrb~Koon Jàak Jai Kâ = Thank you from my heart.

ขอบคุณ : Kòrb~Koon = [verb] to thank, to thank for the kindness

จาก : Jàak = [preposition] from

ใจ : Jai = [noun] heart, mind, spirit

ค่ะ : Kâ = [formal polite particle used by females

ครับ : Krúb = [formal polite particle used by males] พาน : Paan = [noun] tray with pedestal

ดอกไม้ : Dòrk~Mái =[noun] flower, blossom

มาล้ย : Maa-lai =[noun] flower, blossom (used in poetry or compound words)

พวง : Puang = [noun] bunch, wreath, garland


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