Private Thai Lessons

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Teacher Information

  • Nick Name: Ammy
  • Current Location: West Manchester Township, PA 17408, USA
  • Hometown:I come from Winchester, Virginia
  • General Availability:I am Flexible-I am currently available on weekdays from 10 am onwards in the timezone of Pennsylvania.
  • Teaching Locations:I can teach at my home. I can teach on Skype (online).
  • My Language Skills:Native Thai speaker. Fluent in English. I am a Native English Speaker
  • Teacher Number:6715
  • Tuition Fees:Private Tuition 20 USD $ per hour / Small Group Class 25 USD $ per hour (please note, tuition fees do not include materials or travel expenses. Read more about the options & prices below)

About Me

Hello, my name is Amrita, but my nickname is Ammy. I am a native speaker of English, but I lived in Thailand for thirteen year. I am fluent in the language, and I can read, write, and speak Thai just like a native speaker. I went to school in Thailand and I grew up there, so I have expereience with the language as well as the culture. I have been told a few times that my Thai accent is so outstanding, that people would not have known that I am not Thai if I had not told them. I recently moved back to America, however I would love to teach others to speak Thai online. I feel that Thai is a very beautiful language that has it's own culture and the idioms are very, interesting. In my opinion, Thai is a language that builds bonds between people, because it is so sincere. I really enjoy speaking Thai and I really wish to teach it to others. I look forward to hearing from you. Regards Amrita