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Teacher Information

  • Nick Name: Sally
  • Current Location: Wang Thong District, Phitsanulok 65130, Thailand
  • Hometown:I come from Phitsanulok, Thailand
  • General Availability:I am Flexible-Wednesday to Friday 5 - 9 pm. / Saturday and Sunday 6 - 9 pm.
  • Teaching Locations:I can teach at my home. I can travel to teach at my students home / workplace. I can teach in a local coffee shop / library. I can teach on Skype (online).
  • My Language Skills:Native Thai speaker. Fluent in English. I am a Intermediate English speaker
  • Teacher Number:6158
  • Tuition Fees:Private Tuition 350 THB ฿ per hour / Small Group Class 500 THB ฿ per hour (please note, tuition fees do not include materials or travel expenses. Read more about the options & prices below)

About Me

My name is Salisa. My nickname is Toon. Calling me Sally is easier, so I normally use “Sally” as my second nickname! I graduated B.Ed, English major from Naresuan University, Phitsanulok and started working as a government teacher since 2009 till present. I am interested in Thai language and literature since I was a secondary student, music and Thai classical dance too. Teaching English in small school, I need to be very flexible, creative and patient. As some scholars said that “Learning is more important than teaching”, being calm and cool is needed for being a good language teacher. It is a challenge if you have to teach many levels in a semester, last year lesson plan may not work well anymore in this semester and the same treatment may not be effective to some students. Positive classroom environment is also essential, every single treatment given to students each time, I need to be patient and optimistic to keep on scaffolding my students until they can master my lesson matters themselves. Besides my classroom, I am always asked to be a master of ceremony in both Thai and English part for my school and organizations. I got many great opportunities from Language Institute, OBEC working with great teachers from many parts of Thailand and joining the group of 30 Thai teachers who got scholarship from OBEC to visit Cambridge, UK for taking English teaching course. I also work as KET speaking examiner for almost 3 years, English tutor and free-lance translator too.