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Teacher Information

  • Nick Name: Mai
  • Current Location: 2970 Hørsholm, Denmark
  • Hometown:I come from Hørsholm
  • General Availability:I am Flexible-Moning time to the night time
  • Teaching Locations:I can teach at my home. I can teach in a local coffee shop / library. I can teach on Skype (online).
  • My Language Skills:Native Thai speaker. Fluent in English. I am a Fluent English speakerCommunicate level ofJapanese. Danish beginner.
  • Teacher Number:5427
  • Tuition Fees:Private Tuition 200 DKK Kr. per hour / Small Group Class 300 DKK Kr. per hour (please note, tuition fees do not include materials or travel expenses. Read more about the options & prices below)

About Me

During my career woking as teacher and co-teacher in both Thailand and Japan. I have developed good working experience of how to interact with students. My work and I always find good ways of communicating in order to ensure the information and subjects are well understood. As a person I am confident with great responsibility and attention. I like to swim and my free time during zumba at the gym. I am married to my Danish husband and we have a one lovely girl at home. I also have a Major English Master of Art and Non formal Bacheror of Education (Preschool Education) at Rajabhat Chiang Rai University. Finally I also speak excellent Japanese.

Thai style has been brilliant, the work books are amazing and getting a teacher was very very easy! Thai Style is the best!! 

Khun Joseph, 2020 – Read More Reviews

The traditional learning methods cannot hold a candle to Thai Style. Your course is more efficient for foreigners learning Thai

Khun Apollo

Rayong, Thailand

Thai style has been brilliant, the work books are amazing and getting a teacher was very very easy! Thai Style is the best!!

Khun Joseph

Skype Learner

The Thai Style materials are comprehensive and easy to understand, bringing clarity on the appropriate use of words in different contexts


Edinburgh, UK

Thai Style is far and away the best and most effective method I have used. It leaves the other far behind.


Guildford, UK

Every good Thai teacher needs tools to help them teach. The better the tools, the more effective your learning experience. 

Our Award winning Thai language course provides you with materials from Beginner to Advanced levels. Our trained teachers personalise your classes using our materials as a base for a solid foundation & structure to your learning.

Arrange regular private classes, self study Thai, or pay-as-you-learn for as long as you need. It's very flexible & fully supported!

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