An Eco-Conscious Thai School

We do our best for the environment 

Saving Energy & Teaching Thai

Thai Style in an Eco-Conscious Thai School. We are concerned about the environment and do what we can to conserve, reduce and recycle. 

This is no gimmick or sales pitch. We feel it is important to highlight what we do to be as eco-conscious as possible. If we all do our bit, we can all make a difference in reducing waste, help to conserve energy and improve the environment we live in. 

No, we are not yet 100% eco-friendly – We still have some work to do, as we all do! We have plans to install solar panels. We have work to do on recycling and waste management. But we’re concerned and conscious about the environment we live in and the impact we have on it. We are always looking to improve and find new ways we can run a more sustainable business. 

If you are also concerned about the environment, you can be assured that we also have the same values and we’re doing what we can as individuals and as a company to made a difference. 

  • Paperless office (as far as we can given the requirements of the TAX office!)
  • No Air Con in our office – Fans Only! 🥵 
  • We use a natural water source (yes, we have our own well!)💧 
  • We purchase long lasting products ♻️ 
  • We use refillable water bottles
  • Online & Downloadable Materials (no printing necessary!)
  • Our optional books use Recycled paper
  • Our printing company use high tech & efficient printers
  • We encourage our teachers to use public transport where possible
  • We encourage our students to learn online to save on travel
  • We’re working towards being fully solar powered (coming soon!)
  • We work with eco conscious suppliers only
  • We don’t have classrooms using lots of energy
  • We volunteer weekly to collect beach rubbish with Trash Hero Thailand
  • We volunteer with Lanta Animal Welfare to support their mission to sterilise stray dogs & cats in Thailand

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